fly storage update

Update an existing Tigris object storage bucket


flyctl storage update <bucket_name> [flags]


     --accelerate             Cache objects on write in all regions 
-a,  --app                    Application name 
     --auto-confirm           Accept all confirmations 
     --clear-shadow           Remove an existing shadow bucket 
-c,  --config                 Path to application configuration file 
-o,  --org                    The target organization 
     --private                Set a public bucket to be private 
-p,  --public                 Objects in the bucket should be publicly accessible 
     --shadow-access-key      Shadow bucket access key 
     --shadow-endpoint        Shadow bucket endpoint 
     --shadow-name            Shadow bucket name 
     --shadow-region          Shadow bucket region 
     --shadow-secret-key      Shadow bucket secret key 
     --shadow-write-through   Write objects through to the shadow bucket 
     --website-domain-name    Domain name for website 
-y,  --yes                    Accept all confirmations 

Global Options

  -t, --access-token string   Fly API Access Token
      --debug                 Print additional logs and traces
      --verbose               Verbose output